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Sensual Jazmine

Jmac had a momentary lapse of reason and fell in love with a Cuban hottie named Jasmine Caro. He said he was going to Vegas to get married. Tone immediately told him to stop by his house before making any hasty decisions. Jmac arrived with his bride to be, and Tony immediately could see why he was thinking with his one-eyed whistle. Jasmine is a beautiful Latina with nice long legs, a round firm booty and perfect tits. Tone suggested, as the best man, that Jmac and Jasmine make a sex tape and the filming of it would be his gift to them. Within minutes of Tony’s suggestion, Jasmine had Jmac’s hard cock in her mouth. He relentlessly stroked her tight pussy from multiple angles and positions before blasting his load all over her gorgeous face. Needless to say, Jmac was not getting married, but he refused to admit that he was pussy whipped.

Sensual Jazmine starring Jasmine Caro

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Boats 'n' Hoes

The ocean’s calm, the sun’s out, and this dude has his camera trained on these two real sluts who just wanna let loose on the open water. Check out what happens when Daisy Summers and Jasmine Caro get horny and rip off their bikinis, then have a nasty four-way with both these lucky guys!

Boats 'n' Hoes starring Daisy Summers and Jasmine Caro

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